AFH Collab

We are a collaboration of Adult Family Homes serving Washington State residents in the Spokane Valley.

AFH Collab was dreamed up by two Nurse Practitioners with years of experience in healthcare and whom had a desire to fill the need for care in residential settings.

Click on any of the homes below to learn more about the team behind the home and what services are offered. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to serve you.

Emmanuel Family Homes

Isaac Caring Home

Samuel Caring Home

Ernest Family Home

Affluent Family Home

Aspen Acres Family Home

Shalom Care

Mariposa Family Home

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Medicaid ____________

We welcome medicaid residents.

AFH Designed ____________

Homes were designed from the ground up to meet the strict AFH guidelines.

24/7 ____________

Caretakers are available around the clock.

Nurse Care ____________

RN care is available. Check for available rooms offering nursing care.

The Story @ Avalon Court

The Avalon Court adult family homes (AFH) are the newest AFHs in the family. These homes are truly special, since they were carefully designed and situated with our residents in mind, this was not an afterthought.

Avalon Court is located in Spokane Valley, just a few minutes from the Plantes Ferry Soccer Field Complex. The location has proven to be exceptionally well placed, with the quietness of a farm field, with crickets chirping at night, but the convenience of city living, with the heart of Spokane Valley only 10-15 minutes away. Avalon Court is a Cul-de-sac at the end of a short road in a country style residential setting.

The providers for the Avalon Court homes were each handpicked by the original AFHCollab founders, to ensure that the homes will be run by dedicated, experienced, and caring administration.

The Avalon Court homes have a series of exceptional qualities that would make anyone want to call this home:

Commonly Asked Questions

What types of professionals are part of the AFHCollab team? – Each AFH has its own provider and team of care staff. In addition an AFH may additionally have an Administrator to help manage the AFH, however there is an extended team beyond what you might see day to day. The founders, both Nurse Practitioners, are able to answer questions that providers might have and provide higher-level guidance and support. Furthermore, each AFH is able to bring in Nursing Staff, Occupational Therapy, and more depending on the need of the resident and their care plan.

Where are the garages? – These homes do not have garages, because experience has taught us that garages are rarely used or inefficiently used in AFHs. So we designed and planned to forgo the inside car parking and instead made sure each of our residents has a private room, whether they are private-pay or medicaid.

What does AFH mean? – Here is a post explaining in more detail: AFH … but briefly, an AFH, or Adult Family Home, is a home in a residential setting that provides extra care for residents. The level of care can vary greatly depending on the needs of the resident.

How can I reserve a room for my loved one? – Fill out the form at the end of this page. Your inquiry will be sent to our available providers and they will reach out to you.